About usΒΆ

Open Data Services Co-operative was established in 2015 to support organisations to publish and use open data. We have a particular focus on incubating early stage open data standards, and supporting the development of effective transparency and collaboration initiatives using well-maintained open data standards.

We often act as the technical partner to policy-focussed initiatives, working under contract to develop and maintain open data standards, and to support standard implementation.

Our team of employees and members work across a range of tasks:

  • Software development - creating re-usable open source code that helps us to do our work, and that supports the documentation, implementation and demonstration of open data standards;
  • Analysis and implementation support - working with policy initiatives, governments, non-profits and companies to equip them to publish and use open data with one of the standards we support;
  • Research and development - supporting the development of new open data standards;
  • Training and consultancy - addressing issues of policy and organisational change.

We operate as a non-hierarchical worker-owned business, committed to co-operative principles and values, and to using our resources in order to provide a good place to work, to develop our staff, and to contribute to the wider community.

We are primarily funded through short and long-term contracts to research, develop and support implementation of open data standards.

To find out more about working with us on an open data standards project, get in touch with contact@opendataservices.coop